HIPAA, Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

In addition to healing the sick, health care providers are responsible for keeping confidential information safe.
With patient records earning a premium in the black market, it’s not just about HIPAA compliance.
It’s about knowing how to secure all doors and windows.

Complying with HIPAA and the increasing threat of cyber attack

Our industry has coexisted with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and its attendant regulations since 2003. However, keeping patients’ health information private and secure in the Internet age continues to be an area where many health care providers struggle to comply.

The increasing use of electronic health records adds additional complexity and challenges. These leave providers at risk of data breach allegations under HIPAA, as well as state privacy breach and data security laws. At the same time, the use of “big data” to achieve cost savings and increase quality for managed populations is changing the provider landscape. Using collective data to assess how providers are paid for services is just the beginning.

Health care providers need a trusted advisor in their corner, one with a solid understanding of the intricacies of this complex area of law. Herrin Health Law, P.C. fills that advisory role for providers across the country.

How we help

Here are ways in which our expertise can serve you.

  • Advise on any concerns you have on your organization’s privacy and data security.
  • Optimize cybersecurity insurance by reviewing and strengthening existing policies and practices for executability.
  • Provide gap analyses to mitigate compliance risk.
  • Start an effective privacy or cybersecurity program.
  • Determine how to use analytics software to improve your bottom line.

We help providers from single-physician practices to large multi-hospital systems:

  • Assess privacy risks.
  • Respond to requests for patient information.
  • Evaluate their privacy and data security infrastructures.
  • Intervene with federal and state regulators investigating alleged privacy and security breaches.
  • Consider how they may use health information in innovative ways.

Impacting the health care industry

Because technology is ever evolving, we strive to stay on top of the latest trends, vulnerabilities and attacks. The attorneys at Herrin Health Law, P.C. not only help clients, but do their part to serve and advance knowledge and awareness in the health care industry. For example,

  • We have served as counsel to two state health information management associations.
  • We participate regularly in the activities of national organizations, focusing on health information management, health information systems, privacy, and cybersecurity issues.
  • We are nationally recognized and have published and spoken extensively on these topics at state and national meetings.
  • We have served as testamentary and non-testamentary experts in privacy-related civil trials, acting not as attorneys but as health information privacy experts.

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