InfraGard logoInfraGard National Members Alliance, a nonprofit alliance of individuals in the private sector and FBI field offices across the United States, selected Barry Herrin, CHPS, FAHIMA, FHIMSS, FACHE, as a Subject Matter Expert (SME). Herrin, founder of Herrin Health Law, is one of four SMEs in the Healthcare and Public Health Sector. The remaining six recently selected SMEs represent sectors in Energy and Information Technology.

Herrin has more than 25 years of experience, mostly serving healthcare providers. Since 2009, Chambers and Partners has ranked him as a leading healthcare attorney in Georgia. He is a life member of the Atlanta FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association, as well as a member of InfraGard National Cyber Health Working Group, an industry-specific group of healthcare cyber practitioners coordinated by the FBI’s Washington D.C. Field Office.

As an InfraGard National SME, Herrin works alongside National Sector Chiefs to advise the FBI; counsel the InfraGard National Board of Directors with strategic alignment of goals and objectives; and help InfraGard chapters grow and sustain their local Sector Chief programs.

The evaluation panel consisted of the National Sector Program Manager, current INMA National Sector Chiefs, and members of the InfraGard National Board of Directors. This year the panel received more than 50 applications from 32 InfraGard Member Alliances.

In addition to the 10 SMEs, the panel chose four National Sector Chiefs in the following sectors: Defense Industrial Base, Emergency Services, Financial Services, and Food and Agriculture.

InfraGard National consists of about 80 alliances and 58,000 FBI-vetted members from the public and private sectors. The coalition strives to provide its members with access to SMEs to promote the physical and cyber security of their organizations. It also offers local, state and national government stakeholders this expertise. Visit and for more information.